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Safety & Security

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Click here to access the 24-hour anonymous Safety Helpline or call 1-866-547-8362.


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At Centerville City Schools, the safety of our students and staff members is a priority. Here are some examples of safety and security measures used in our schools:

  • Our school doors are locked and call boxes are used at front entrances for visitors to identify themselves and to notify the office of the reason for their visit.
  • Our schools practice fire, tornado and safety drills regularly throughout the school year to meet state requirements. During school safety drills, we continue to follow A.L.I.C.E. strategies.
  • The Multi-Agency Radio Communication System (MARCS) and a district-wide emergency radio channel are available in all of our school buildings.
  • We collaborate with other districts in Montgomery County to contract with Social Sentinel to scan social media sites for key words that may lead to cause and concern for school safety.
  • School resource officers are used throughout the district, through a partnership with the Centerville Police Department and the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department.
  • A partnership with South Community therapists makes mental health resources available in every school building.
  • Information can be shared through a 24-hour Student Safety Reporting anonymous tip line by calling a toll free number, 1-866-547-8362, or through the Safety Helpline website.

Remember that school safety is everyone’s business. Thank you for partnering with us to make our schools safe environments that maximize the opportunity for learning!


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We Support Safe Communities

"We Support Safe Communities," our community-wide gun lock giveaway, is ongoing. Many of the children who have committed acts of violence at schools were able to access weapons from their homes. As we continue to explore ways to keep our students safe, we are asking all community members to pledge to keep firearms secure and be aware of who can access them at all times.

To support community members in this endeavor, we have committed to providing free gun locks to help secure firearms. Gun locks can be picked up, free of charge, at the Board of Education office, Centerville-Washington Park District headquarters, the Washington-Centerville Public Library, or City and Township administration buildings.

Learn more about this initiative

Centerville Safe

Centerville Safe Inc. is a non-profit that works with the administration of Centerville City Schools to determine priorities, coordinate fundraising activities, and implement school safety and security best practices between local law enforcement and parents, students, volunteers, staff and administration of Centerville City Schools.

Visit Centerville Safe website