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Watts Band

Image of light bulb with music notesBand Director

Sheila Reynolds
(937) 434-0370

Welcome to Watts Bands 2017-18!

Upcoming events:

8th Grade: Middle School Night w/CJB at Football Game, Friday 10/6


Band Handbook form due Friday, Aug. 25
School Instrument Rental Fees: $60 due Sept. 1

2 Hour Delay Band Schedule:

Scheduled 2 Hour Delays - We will have band classes on the SCHEDULED 2-hour delays throughout the school year. Classes will begin at 9:45 a.m. If for some reason your child can't make that class due to transportation issues, please send me an email.

Smart Music:

Students need to have their Smart Music subscription ready to go by Sept. 5.


Students are working on counting, pacing and playing a steady beat. We are also testing with a metronome to see if students can play accurately. Metronomes can be purchased from school for $30 for a tuner/metronome which will last them all the way through high school. There are also apps available for free or to purchase at a minimal price. Many students like to use TONAL ENERGY as it gives them a smiley face when they are in tune and also has a metronome. Some websites also offer a free metronome such as metronome.com Students with these apps are allowed to use their phones in band class.

Concert Music Recordings:

Here are links for listening to recordings of concert music for practice chart and rehearsing.



Band Recordings

Coming soon! Click on the links below to listen to band recordings.

CHS Fight Song
Smoke on the Water - 6th
Birdland - JB
Smart Music Alma Mater
Smart Music Fight Song
CHS Fight Song
Hang On Sloopy