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Voyager AfterSchool Program

Voyager will resume when schools reopen!

Voyager will be open in all elementary buildings for K-5 students when in-person learning resumes on Tuesday, Jan. 19. To protect the children and our staff, we will be following all the safety guidelines and protocols established by the district and the State of Ohio.

There are a few openings at some buildings. The number of children who can be registered will be determined by social distancing guidelines established by the district. If you would like to have your children join Voyager and have not registered them, you must complete and return (via email) the enrollment packet. There is no registration fee. The enrollment packet and an updated fee schedule for the second semester are posted below under Voyager Downloads.

Please note: For parents who have previously enrolled their children and received confirmation, we will expect to see them on Tuesday, Jan. 19. If plans have changed, please let us know through email or text as soon as possible so we may open up your spot for others. We may have limited space and staff available.


Image of butterfly demonstration at PVS

The Voyager AfterSchool Program takes place between 2:30-6 p.m. on school days and is based in the Multipurpose Room or Cafe. Enrollment is by the month only, not day-to-day. Children may attend fewer days, but the full amount published for each month must be paid. There is no adjustment made for attending fewer days. Fees vary each month depending on how many days school is scheduled for that month. The Fee Schedule is posted on this page under Voyager Downloads. The fees charged pay for the entire program, and no district funds are involved.

This program differs from other after school programs because a portion of each session is devoted to activities based on Voyager instructor-created, learning curriculum. The activities are all discovery-based, covering the major curriculum areas and are designed to increase basic knowledge and promote thinking skills. Strong emphasis is also placed on completion of daily homework assignments under the supervision of the Voyager instructors. Students will be expected to follow the rules established by the school and Voyager.

Contact Us

Laura Cooke
(937) 620-7363
Email Ms. Cooke

Karen Sirmans
(937) 231-8800
Email Ms. Sirmans

Sample Schedule

2:20-4 p.m. - Transition Time, Snack (brought from home), Homework, Recess

4-5 p.m. - Voyager Curriculum

5-6 p.m. - Parent Pick-Up, Completion of Voyager Activities, Homework, Recess

Schedule will vary from school to school. Parents may pick up their children at any time they desire.

Voyager History

The Voyager AfterSchool Program was piloted, and has been in operation, at Normandy Elementary since the beginning of the 1997-98 school year. Because of the success of the pilot program, expansion began in other Centerville Schools in 2000-01 with the addition of Stingley Elementary. In 2004-05 John Hole Elementary and Driscoll Elementary started the program. With the beginning of the 2007-08 school year, the other two remaining elementary schools, Cline and Weller, and the two primary buildings, Primary Village North and Primary Village South, began their Voyager Programs.