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2021 Local Scholarships are here! Each year, Centerville High School coordinates with numerous Centerville and Washington Township clubs and organizations to support CHS graduates in their endeavors after completing high school. We are happy to have 40 local scholarships this year for the Class of 2021!

All Local Scholarship information can be found by selecting the link below and accessing the Google Drive folder.

Local Scholarships


Files updated on 3/15/21 to include Kiwanis Application and Resilience Scholarship information.

Files updated on 3/22/21 to include NEW scholarship: The Margaret Tuttle Artisan Scholarship.

Within this folder, you can find PDFs of the newsletter, all applications, and instructions for submitting completed documents.



Locate “CHS Scholarship News” on the bottom right side of this page. As scholarship information is available, the Guidance Department will post the information here. You can even subscribe to the newsfeed and be emailed EVERY time a new scholarship news story is added!

To subscribe to the “CHS Scholarship News,” select the gold alert icon. You will be prompted to create a login. (Parents, you should use the email address you have on file and create a password.) Once your login is created, you can choose which newsfeed you would like to follow. Be sure select CHS Guidance and CHS Scholarships!


Basic Scholarship Information

Information about a number of scholarships is sent to Centerville High School each year by the sponsoring organizations.  In an attempt to inform students and parents about these scholarships, this page is updated throughout the year. Please check this page periodically.

Scholarships listed are for current seniors unless otherwise noted. This page is not a complete list of all available scholarships. Scholarships other than those listed here may also be available.  It is wise to check all resources.

Information dealing with scholarships offered by a college or university can be found in the application packet or view book of that school.

It is the responsibility of the interested student to follow through with the pursuit of any scholarships; that is, to request any needed additional information and/or application forms, to complete the application process, and to meet all deadlines.  Students should see their Unit Counselor if assistance is needed.


Scholarship Tips

1. Meet the deadline – a day late is too late.

2. Ask someone to look over your application packet to be sure you filled in all required blanks and signatures.

3. Type your essay and be sure you addressed the topic completely.  Don’t expect to write a good essay in five minutes. Write; rewrite; and then read your essay aloud.  You don’t have to have grand aspirations to write a good essay.  Write about realistic goals and plans.

4. Ask for reference letters early.  Asking a teacher or employer to write a letter two days before the scholarship deadline is too risky.  You don’t want to depend on someone else making YOUR deadline.  Reference letters should always be typed and include the name, address, phone number and relationship of the recommender.

5. Prepare an outline of the following:

  • Academic Achievement
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Volunteer/Community Service
  • Jobs/Employment  


Beware of Scholarship Scams!

Don’t be cheated out of your money by someone promising too-good-to-be-true offers of financial aid!  Each year some families of students applying to college are victimized by scam artists posing as counselors who guarantee financial aid, scholarships, and grants to students for an up-front finder’s fee.  Before you hand over any of your money, see if your counselor passes this test: 

  • Is he or she guaranteeing results?
  • Is an up-front fee required?
  • Is he or she offering to do the work for you?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES, you may be dealing with a fraudulent scheme.  Be wary. These scams are usually advertised in campus newspapers, flyers, direct mail, and on the Web.  Don’t become the next victim.  Call 1-800-876-7060 for a free check from the National Fraud Information Center. 

The latest scholarship offerings will be posted here. You can check this page often or subscribe to alerts by clicking on the orange bell icon.

CHS Scholarship News