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College Credit Plus

Image of College Credit Plus logo

College Credit Plus (CC+) can help you earn college and high school credits at the same time by taking college courses from community colleges or universities. The purpose of this program is to promote rigorous academic pursuits and to provide a wide variety of options to college-ready students.


CC+ Updates Due to COVID-19

Many students and parents will be wondering about updated changes due to COVID 19. Please use this webpage as a general resource. The college/university will have the best guidance on their specific information such as testing requirements, filling out an application, registering for courses, deadlines, books and other information. Remember that each university’s requirements may be a little different and are unique to that institution. Entrance exam testing will be determined by the college and university. Many colleges/universities are making preparations for online entrance exams if a student has not already tested. Check with the university of your choice for more information regarding entrance exams.

If you have additional questions or need information sent to a college/university, please contact your student’s unit counselor (see Contact Us section below). Communicating at this time may be a bit slower, so please be patient. The best way to contact either CHS or university staff is via email. Please be specific in your communication with the school and the university so they can give you the most up-to-date and accurate information.

The websites below are additional resources for you to find the university’s requirements, updated information, fill out applications, order books and materials, as well as other information.

College Partners' Websites

Wright State University: https://www.wright.edu/college-credit-plus

Sinclair Community College: https://sinclair.edu/academics/ccp/

University of Cincinnati: https://www.uc.edu/aas/ccp.html

Miami University: https://miamioh.edu/admission/high-school/ccp/index.html

How to Return Books for Spring Semester 2020

CC+ book return will coincide with the CHS return of school materials (seniors on May 21 and underclassmen on May 26-28.

  • Please pre-populate and print off the CC+ Book Return Form before dropping off your materials at CHS.
  • Also, bundle/fasten your CC+ books together so we have an accurate count of what you turned in. This will cut down on students mistakenly being charged for items they may have not turned in.

Books rented/leased by the university should be returned to the university. For example, Wright State and Miami lease books to their students.

  • WSU is asking that you mail the books back.
  • WSU books will have a sticker on them stating that they are rented/leased.
  • Use the following link to access the label, you should have received this link from WSU via email already: https://wright.bncollege.com/shop/wright/page/rental-book-return
  • Books without this sticker need to be returned to CHS. (see above)

How to Get Textbooks for the Summer 2020 Semester

Please contact your university bookstore to purchase books for the summer semester.

CC+ Student/Parent Checklist

Click here to view a checklist for students who have filled out the 2020-21 Intent to Participate Form.


Contact Us

For more information about Centerville's College Credit Plus Program, please contact:

Coordinator of College Credit Plus:

Eric Gearhart
Principal, School of Possibilities &
Coordinator of College Credit Plus
Email Mr. Gearhart

Your student’s Unit Counselor at Centerville High School:

Central Unit:
Marion Delatore
Career Pathways Coordinator and Guidance Department Chairperson
Email Mr. Delatore

East Unit:
Meghan Leiker
Last names: A-Ki
Email Ms. Leiker

Samantha Stingley
Last names: Kj-Z
Email Ms. Stingley

South Unit:
Andrea Fleischman
Last names: A-Ki
Email Ms. Fleischman

Beth Buck
Last names: Kj-Z
Email Ms. Buck

West Unit:
Stella McCrory
Last names: A-Ki
Email Ms. McCrory

Kensie Miller
Last names: Kj-Z
Email Ms. Miller

Informational Meeting

The 2020-21 College Credit Plus Informational Meeting took place in January.

Presentation from 2020-21 CC+ Information Sessions

Students who are currently in CC+ need to fill out an intent form prior to April 1 to participate the following year. Students must annually re-submit their intent to participate in CC+.

College Credit Plus Textbooks

Student can pick up some CC+ textbooks that we have in our inventory at the CHS Library. Students should also return their textbooks at the end of the semester to the CHS Library.

Available textbooks at the CHS Library (Updated List)

How to Find What Book You Need from WSU or Sinclair

College Credit Plus Resources