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CHS Guidance

Image of CHS Elk Connectors training with Beth MiresGuidance Offices are located in each unit. The Guidance Counselors encourage students to make use of its services. These may include personal counseling, career planning, academic concerns and post-high school planning.

Counselors are available during regular school hours and usually after school by appointment. To see your counselor, make an appointment personally. Many times you will be able to drop in between classes or during your lunch period or study hall. From time to time, you will be called to the guidance office to see if your counselor may be of assistance to you. Each counselor meets with his or her students each year. These sessions are either group or individual contacts. The Guidance Department attempts to create an open door atmosphere for both students and faculty.

Follow the Guidance Department on Twitter: @ElksGuidance

Guidance Counselors

Central Unit

Marion Delatore
Career Pathways Coordinator and Guidance Department Head
(937) 439-3571

Mona Romer
Career Education Guidance Secretary
(937) 439-3506 mona.romer@centerville.k12.oh.us

Beth Mires
Intervention Counselor
(937) 439-3519

East Unit

Meghan Leiker
Last names: A-Ki
(937) 439-3533

Samantha Stingley
Last names: Kj-Z
(937) 439-3532

Toni Lehman
Guidance Secretary
(937) 439- 3531 toni.lehman@centerville.k12.oh.us

South Unit

Andrea Fleischman
Last names: A-Ki
(937) 439-3543

Beth Buck
Last names: Kj-Z
(937) 439-3542

Debbie Round
Guidance Secretary
(937) 439- 3541

West Unit

Stella McCrory
Last names: A-Ki
(937) 439-3556

Kensie Miller
Last names: Kj-Z
(937) 439-3555

Suzanne Millard
Guidance Secretary
(937) 439-3554 suzanne.millard@centerville.k12.oh.us


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