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Communication Arts/Broadcast Management

Image of CHS Communication Arts students at NewsCenter 7 studio

The written and spoken word create indelible memories. Just hearing a few bars of a song can bring back a special time, a special place, a special person. And the Communication Arts program develops the skills and creativity to make those kinds of connections and memories possible.

The techniques and technologies that students must be able to use for effective communications continue to change dramatically.  The Communication Arts program offers students the ability to understand and apply the most up to date approaches. They have the opportunity to work in four state-of-the-art production studios, gaining hands-on experience using the equipment and software used by today’s professionals.

The Communication Arts program is about empowering students and enabling them to realize their creative potential. Mrs. Rapoch, a seasoned broadcast journalist and teacher, works one-on-one with her students to help them find their inner voice.

This intensive, integrated two-year program prepares students for a successful transition to post-secondary education and meaningful careers in the Communications industry. Equally important, students gain the confidence to formulate and express their ideas forcefully and clearly, skills that will help them in every aspect of their lives.

Meet the Instructor

Image of Tricia Rapoch

Mrs. Tricia Rapoch
937-439-3500, Ext. 3558
Email Ms. Rapoch

1st period - Career Exploration
2nd Period - Broadcast 11
3rd Period - Broadcast 11
4th Period - Lunch
5th Period - Plan
6th Period - Broadcast 12
7th Period - Broadcast 12

Communication Arts Downloads

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