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Centerville Business Academy

Image of four business students at Tech Prep Showcase

Centerville Business Academy is a two-year program for anyone interested in pursuing a business career. Students study business with respect to the American and global environments, entrepreneurship, management, marketing, finance and information technology.

In the junior year, students will complete the courses offered at Sinclair Community College. The students will receive grades for these courses on their high school diploma as well as six graded credits on their college transcript. Student learning also will include units of study in accounting, communications, presentation skills and teamwork. The students also will complete projects on the career and college selection process. Students are provided opportunities for leadership development through the Business Professionals of America student organization. The Junior Business Academy will have two sections of 24 students each.

The senior year of the Business Academy provides student experiences to learn various aspects of business.

  • Creative Ties: Students will gain practical experience in management and entrepreneurship by organizing and operating a classroom corporation, Creative Ties.
  • Credit Union: Students will gain practical experience in finance and banking by organizing and operating the Centerville High School Credit Union, in partnership with DayAir Credit Union.
  • School-to-Work: Students can choose to gain practical experience through an on-the-job application of business skills through School-to-Work placement.
  • College Courses: Senior Business Academy students will complete the courses for a potential of 12 college credits on their college transcript


Senior Business Academy also will include units on desktop publishing, economics and personal finance.

Meet the Instructors

Image of Adam Priefer

Mr. Adam Priefer
937-439-3500, Ext. 3607
Email Mr. Priefer

1st period - CBA 12
2nd Period - CBA 12
3rd Period - CBA 11
4th Period - CBA 11
5th Period - Bank
6th Period - Lunch
7th Period - Plan


Image of Christi Yokajty

Mrs. Christie Yokajty
937-439-3500, Ext. 3560
Email Ms. Yokajty

1st period - CBA 12
2nd Period - CBA 12
3rd Period - CBA 11
4th Period - CBA 11
5th Period - Lunch
6th Period - Intern Coordination
7th Period - Plan

Business Academy Downloads

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