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Special Education

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Centerville City Schools is committed to offering a free and appropriate public education to meet the unique needs of students in the district with special needs, ages 3-21. The district offers a wide continuum of services to students with special needs, as outlined in the Individuals with Disabilities Improvement Act (IDEIA) of 2004.

A child’s eligibility for special education is determined through the completion of an Evaluation Team Report (ETR) by a school psychologist and team including the family. Students must demonstrate the need for specially designed instruction and/or related services due to a disability that has an adverse impact on the student’s ability to participate in their educational process. Once a request for an evaluation is provided to the district, the district has up to 30 days to respond to the request. The team will agree to complete the evaluation, or present a prior written notice stating the reasons an evaluation will not be conducted. Most often this process occurs through a team meeting. When the district begins an evaluation, there is a 60 day time period allotted for the completion of the evaluation from the time the parental consent is received for the evaluation. Should a child be found eligible for services, the district will write an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) outlining the student’s needs, current levels of performance, and goals and objectives the team wants the child to achieve. The IEP will also outline the services that will be provided to the child.

More information about the special education process can be found at the link under Procedural Safeguards below.

Contact Us

Each building has an assigned special education coordinator who can provide information and guidance on services and placements in buildings through the district.

Josh Ward
Primary Village North, Primary Village South, Cline, Driscoll, Stingley and Weller
Phone: 937-433-8841, Ext. 2034

Email Mr. Ward

Jeff Ochs
John Hole, Normandy, Magsig, Tower Heights and Watts
Phone: 937-433-8841, Ext. 2017

Email Mr. Ochs

Kelli Henry
Centerville High School
Phone: 937-433-8841, Ext. 3575

Email Ms. Henry


Parent Mentor

The Parent Mentor of Centerville/Oakwood is a parent of a child with a disability. The mentor is employed by a district to provide training, support and information to families of students with disabilities. Click here for more information.

Dawn Millhouse
Parent Mentor
Phone: 937-433-8841, Ext. 2037

Email Ms. Millhouse

Child Find for Children with Disabilities

If you know of a child or suspect a child may have a disability who resides in Centerville City Schools district, please contact the Director of Student Services at 937-433-8841.

Public schools are required by federal and state law to find all children with disabilities, ages birth through 21, and provide special education services for ages 3-21 for any child identified as disabled under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (IDEIA). Disabilities under IDEIA include speech and language, hearing impairments, visual impairments, specific learning disability, emotional disturbance, multiple disabilities, intellectual disabilities, other health impairments, orthopedic disability, autism and traumatic brain injury and developmental disability (preschool only). If after an evaluation, a child is determined to have a disability under IDEIA, the child is eligible to receive special education services through the school district.

All information related to the referral, evaluation, identification and special education services is confidential information. Parents retain specific rights related to confidentiality, review of records, release of information and accuracy of records for any child referred to special education, identified as special education or who receives special education services.

For additional information or a copy of the procedural safeguards for parents, please contact the Director of Student Services, 111 Virginia Ave., Centerville, OH 45458 or call the Student Services office at 937-433-8841.