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Math Support

Our Math Support Program is designed to provide math intervention.

This is delivered through small group and one-on-one instruction. This program is staff with three math support teachers who have received extensive training in math intervention through the U.S. Math Recovery Council. 

Students are eligible for participation in the Math Support Program based on their math assessment results. The goal is to accelerate each student’s progress toward becoming a numeric composite thinker.

Image of students working with a number line

District K-5 Math Instructional Coach

Carrie Schade
937-433-8841, Ext. 2069
Email Ms. Schade

Impact on Math Instruction

Each year the effectiveness of the Math Support Program is evaluated and adapted to continually better meet the needs of students. The district uses a variety of assessments to measure progress including, but not limited to MAP - Measures of Academic Progress, Math Recovery assessments, Bridges and Number Corner assessments, and Ohio’s State Tests.   

Not all gains can be measured by standardized tests. Growth in self-confidence, increased interest in math, and choosing to engage in game play with family and friends are also important outcomes of the intervention.

Math Specialists

Erin Elsner
Primary Village North
Email Ms. Elsner

Amy Cowgill
Primary Village South
Email Ms. Cowgill

Nikki Stasienko
Cline Elementary
Email Ms. Stasienko