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Gifted Services

Centerville City Schools believes in empowering, challenging and supporting every learner to grow every day.

Specific provisions are made to meet the needs of our gifted students within their regular K-12 classroom and as part of the integrated school day.

  • At the elementary level, gifted services are supported by Gifted Intervention Specialists (see list below). The GIS and classroom teachers plan together to differentiate and enrich classroom activities. In fourth and fifth grade, another layer is added through GIS-taught advanced math classes.
  • In grades 6-8, students are deliberately grouped in classrooms and placed with teachers who receive ongoing support and professional development in gifted education from a gifted specialist. 
  • Gifted services for high school students are provided through advanced course selection. 

K-12 gifted services consist of a combination of the following:  

  • Differentiated instruction

  • Advanced coursework

  • Classroom cluster grouping 

  • Subject and grade acceleration 

  • Honors, Advanced Placement, and post-secondary enrollment (secondary grades)

Image of four students in classroom playing math game with cards crayons and papers

District K-12 Gifted Instructional Coach

Ellen Kibby
937-433-8841, Ext. 2067
Email Ms. Kibby

Qualifying for Gifted Services

Centerville City Schools uses the guidelines established by the Ohio Department of Education to identify gifted students with approved assessments, including: 

  • Whole-grade screening for superior cognitive ability in grades 2 and 5, using the CogAT and NNAT3 

  • Whole-grade screening in reading and math, twice yearly, though MAP testing in grades 1–8

Additional testing for gifted identification outside of whole grade screening is offered when: 

  • A student is new to the district and/or is referred by a parent, teacher, or themselves and has not been already assessed with an approved standardized instrument

  • A student scores 1 point away from the identification cut-off on the whole-grade screening

Gifted Referrals

  • Students enrolled in Centerville City Schools may be referred for gifted identification by a parent, teacher, peer, or themselves, at any time. 

  • You can download the Gifted Identification Referral Form by clicking the link below. Printed copies can also be found at each building’s main office. 

  • Once completed, Gifted Identification Referral Forms should be returned to your building principal. They will review, sign, and submit the form to Central Office. 

  • The District Gifted Coach will be in touch during the rest of the referral process. 

Download Centerville City Schools Gifted Referral Form

Early Entrance into Kindergarten

If your child does not meet the age cut-off for entry into kindergarten but performs at remarkably high levels of achievement when compared to others of their age and experience they may be a candidate for early entrance into kindergarten.  Click here to read more about early entrance into kindergarten and here to read more about the early entrance process.


If you believe your child should be subject or grade level accelerated, please contact the principal of your child’s school to discuss this process.

Gifted Intervention Specialists

Lori Ehrensberger
Cline Elementary
Email Ms. Ehrensberger

Heather Price
Driscoll Elementary
Email Ms. Price

Becki Moore
John Hole Elementary
Email Ms. Moore

Ann Gutmann
Normandy Elementary
Email Ms. Gutmann

Marissa Quigley
Stingley Elementary
Email Ms. Quigley

Cheryl Devine
Weller Elementary
Email Ms. Devine

Lynn Bartlett
Magsig Middle School, Tower Heights Middle School, Watts Middle School
Email Ms. Bartlett