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Gifted Services

Centerville City Schools believes in providing a quality education to all students. A variety of opportunities exists for students who qualify to participate in services designed to meet their unique learning needs. We aim to meet the needs of our gifted students through a wide continuum of services that include:

  • An advanced curriculum
  • Use of differentiated instructional strategies
  • Honors and Advanced Placement classes for secondary students


Gifted Services are implemented through school-based opportunities that follow state and district objectives and standards. The Gifted Services office seeks to address the unique abilities, interests and needs of gifted students through differentiated curricula and instruction, accelerated experiences and other extension opportunities. Specific provisions are made to service the gifted population within the context of the regular classroom and as part of the integrated school day.

Centerville's Differentiated Services Model is built upon the work of Mary Ruth Coleman, Carol A. Tomlinson and Donald Treffinger. Please note that GIS resource support is provided in grades 3-8 for Level III and Level IV service. Those students in grades 3-8 who are identified as gifted will be considered for gifted services.

Centerville City Schools Gifted Identification Process

Centerville City Schools offers gifted identification opportunities as part of our district policy and in accordance with state law as follows:

  • Whole-grade screening for gifted identification in superior cog is conducted in Grade 5 in October.
  • Whole-grade screening for gifted identification in superior cog is conducted in Grade 2 in January.
  • Whole-grade screening for gifted identification in Reading and Math is conducted twice per year: through Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) test in Grades 1–5


Additional testing for gifted identification outside whole grade screening in the fall and in the spring as follows:

  • Students new to the district and/or students who have not been assessed with approved standardized instruments and are referred by parent, teacher or self
  • Students who score 1 point away from the identification cut-off on the whole-grade screening
  • Students referred by teacher, parent, student or peer in between years not being whole-grade screened



Students enrolled in Centerville City Schools may be referred for gifted identification by a parent or teacher at any time. A student may also refer him or herself for gifted identification.

The Gifted Identification Referral form obtained from the building office should be filled out by the parent. The building principal will sign and submit the referral to the Office of Gifted Services.

Referral Review

Once the referral is reviewed, Gifted Services will notify the parent regarding the status of the assessment data found in child’s folder. If additional testing is needed for identification purposes, Gifted Services will discuss testing options and procedures with families. Students who are tested outside of whole grade assessment will miss class time. We require written permission to administer any additional tests. Once tests are scored, Gifted Services will notify parents about results.

Throughout the referral and identification process, Gifted Services will communicate with teachers and the building principal.

Contact Us

Kenneth Barrett
Secondary Gifted Coach for Mathematics and Science

Email Mr. Barrett

Ellen Kibby
Secondary Gifted Coach for English Language Arts and Social Studies

Email Ms. Kibby

Lori Ehrensberger
Gifted Intervention Specialist, Cline Elementary

Email Ms. Ehrensberger

Heather Price
Gifted Intervention Specialist, Driscoll Elementary

Email Ms. Price

Becki Moore
Gifted Intervention Specialist, John Hole Elementary

Email Ms. Moore

Megan Johnson
Gifted Intervention Specialist, Normandy Elementary

Email Ms. Johnson

Marissa Quigley
Gifted Intervention Specialist, Stingley Elementary

Email Ms. Quigley

Cheryl Devine
Gifted Intervention Specialist, Weller Elementary

Email Ms. Devine


If you believe your child should be subject or grade level accelerated, please contact the principal of your child’s school. The district has procedures for considering these requests.

Early Entrance into Kindergarten

If your child does not meet the kindergarten age cut-off for entry into kindergarten (must turn 5 before Sept. 30), but you believe your child should be entered into kindergarten early, please contact the principal of your child’s primary building. The district utilizes a thorough process for the consideration of early entrance into kindergarten.

More Information on Early Entrance into Kindergarten


Resources for Parents