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DEI Goal Two

Increase community engagement and parental involvement.


The DEI team will host an annual community event to celebrate the diversity of families within the vibrant city of Centerville.  Each year the DEI team will determine a theme that centers on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

The DEI Team will encourage relationship building between immigrant families and local families. 

The DEI team will conduct listening sessions throughout the community. These listening sessions will be in the form of Town Hall Meetings. 


DEI Core Team Members

Task Force Members

  • Marcus Bailey
  • Ali Erikson
  • Rene Hick
  • Amy Hilliard
  • Darrell Johnson
  • Melissa McGuire
  • Dawn Millhouse
  • Rameka Nelson
  • Arleen Petty
  • Sarah Swan
  • Stacey Westendorf
  • Laura Xiong