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Goal Three

Recruit and retain staff from underrepresented racial and ethnic populations to better serve all students and staff by creating a diversely rich staff.


The DEI Team will search for opportunities to participate in job fairs and seeks to be a presence for recruitment of Centerville City Schools at colleges and universities.

The DEI team seeks to be involved in the process of interviewing potential teaching staff to search for candidates that demonstrate a capacity for culturally-responsive teaching. 

The DEI team will facilitate the Underrepresented Staff Advisory Board for the purpose of making recommendations to the Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent

The DEI team is facilitating a mentoring program with students of color at Wright State University and is starting a partnership with Central State University and Centerville High School students to encourage enrollment in teacher education.

Taskforce Members

Jermaine Bailey- Physical Education Teacher
Christie Sorrell- Psychologist
Jeff Ochs- Special Education Coordinator
Amber Dailey- French Teacher
Lisa Oliver- English Language Arts Teacher
Angie Tyler- Counselor
Windai Tolbert- Subsitute Teacher and Coach
Ben Spaulding- Choir Teacher
Joshua Ward- Intervention Specialist
Cedric Tolbert- Intervention Specialist