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School Attendance & Truancy

Research studies have shown a strong connection between good school attendance and student achievement. Chronic absenteeism, defined as students missing 10% or more of school hours due to absence of any reason, can lead to younger students struggling with learning to read by third grade, decreased achievement in middle school and difficulty graduating high school.

House Bill (HB) 410 began in public schools in the state of Ohio during the 2017-18 school year. In the past, attendance was counted by days absent. This new legislation counts attendance as the number of hours a student misses.

HB 410 limits the number of excused and unexcused absences a student can have. Centerville City Schools generates weekly reports to determine students who are at-risk for missing multiple hours of school. Parents/guardians will receive a letter from their child's school and be required to submit medical documentation stating the reason for the absences once a student misses 38 hours in a month or 65 hours in a school year. Letters are required to be sent whether those absences are considered excused or unexcused.

Absenteeism Type

Consecutive Hours

Hours per School Month

Hours per School Year

Chronic absenteeism
Not applicable
Not applicable
10% of total hours either excused or unexcused
Excessive absences
Not applicable
38 excused or unexcused hours absent UNLESS the absence is medically excused
65 excused or unexcused hours absent UNLESS the absence is medically excused
Habitual Truancy
30 hours Without a legitimate excuse for the consecutive absences
42 hours Without a legitimate excuse for absences
72 hours Without a legitimate excuse for absences


When a student has excessive absences (whether excused or unexcused), part of HB 410 requires schools to form a truancy intervention team, which includes the parent/guardian, to determine why students are missing school, and if needed, to put interventions in place to improve attendance. After an intervention plan is put in place, the district is required to file a truancy complaint in court against the parent/guardian if the student’s attendance does not improve in 60 days.

District Attendance & Family Resource Teacher

Tom Castleman
937-438-6030, Ext. 2036
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Examples of Excused Absences

  • Absences covered by a doctor’s note
  • Death/dying of a family member
  • Trips out of the country or vacations approved by the principal
  • Religious holidays
  • Call-in absences due to illness up to seven days (please obtain a doctor's note whenever possible)
  • Other excused absences not covered here, as determined by administration

Examples of Unexcused Absences

  • Oversleeping
  • Shopping
  • Babysitting or working
  • Missing the bus or car trouble
  • Leaving school grounds without permission
  • Absence from school with no excuse offered
  • Other unexcused absences not covered here, as determined by administration