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Teaching & Learning

Centerville City Schools support the growth of the whole learner, academically, intellectually and emotionally, through safe environments and evidence-based practices.

Our Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment and Student Services departments offer resources for students, staff and families to demonstrate our belief that:

  • learning is attainable for all. 
  • valuing the unique gifts and experiences of each individual enriches our district and community.
  • building supportive relationships is necessary for learning. 
  • fostering a growth mindset builds resilience and perseverance. 
  • empowering our students, staff, families, and community to take risks inspires innovation and leadership.
  • resourcing our students and staff with meaningful support and inspiring tools maximizes potential. 
  • leveraging evidence-based data and feedback helps us understand our impact and progress. 
  • nurturing meaningful partnerships and trust requires open lines of communication.
  • sustaining growth requires forward-thinking and a fiscally responsible plan.
Image of high school student speaking during Government class
More than 23% of students in grades 1-12 are identified as gifted
Image of teacher walking with student with special needs
13% of students, ages 3-22, are identified as having special needs
Image of teacher working with English Language Learner
Families of English Learners speak more than 40 languages