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A school superintendent in Ohio is the chief executive officer of the district, who oversees all educational and business affairs of the district.

The overall responsibility for operation of the schools lies with the Centerville Board of Education, but the superintendent is in charge of daily operations.

The superintendent and assistant superintendent answer to the board for all instructional and supervisory aspects of education. The superintendent also works closely with the district treasurer on financial matters, as well as with department directors and building principals. Developing these relationships is necessary to support teaching and learning.

Some of the superintendent's duties, as outlined in the Board Policy Manual, include:

  • Direct and assign teachers and other employees of the schools under his supervision
  • Assign students to grade levels and buildings
  • Organize and arrange the administrative and supervisory staff, both instructional and non-instructional
  • Select all personnel for initial employment and make recommendations with respect to the reemployment, non-reemployment, layoff, and termination of existing employees
  • Serve as the primary spokesperson for the district in dealing with the public and news media
  • Suggest regulations, rules, and procedures deemed necessary for the well being of the district
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