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Image of Normandy Elementary students practicing bus safety drills

All students who ride buses are practicing how to evacuate safely in case of an emergency.

What happens if there is an emergency on a school bus?

This week and next, all Centerville students who ride buses are practicing how to evacuate safely. Bus drivers are helping students run through these three drills:

  1. Evacuating out of the front of the bus,
  2. Evacuating out of the rear of the bus, and
  3. A split evacuation, with some students exiting through the rear of the bus and some through the main door.

In addition, primary and elementary school children are getting on buses to see how all the emergency exits work and ask questions about the bus and safety equipment in case of an actual emergency.

“We want both our drivers and our passengers to be prepared so they can get off the bus safely and quickly,” said Andy Trick, Transportation Supervisor for Centerville City Schools. “Each fall, we take the time to visit every school so bus riders can practice these important safety drills.”

With school back in session, all drivers should take extra caution during morning and afternoon bus routes throughout the community.

According to the Ohio Revised Code, drivers must stop at least 10 feet from the front or rear of a school bus picking up or dropping off children and should not move until the bus resumes motion or until signaled by the driver to proceed. When a road is divided into four or more traffic lanes, drivers do not need to stop for school buses approaching from the opposite direction.

“We all want to keep kids safe,” Trick said. “Some drivers get very frustrated when they are stopped or slowed down by school buses, but it is so important to be aware of bus signals and avoid driving around buses that are picking up or dropping off children.”

Centerville’s Transportation Department operates more than 120 buses, which transport more than 8,000 students and travel over 600 individual bus routes to public and non-public schools every day.

Centerville City Schools serve more than 8,200 students in Centerville and Washington Township in southwest Ohio, offering a variety of educational programs to a diverse student population. The district operates 13 school buildings, as well as two preschools and a bus facility with more than 120 school buses that transport students daily to public and non-public schools. Visit for more information.