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District Communications

The Community Relations Specialist helps make sure parents and community members can easily access quality, useful and clear information about the school district.

We share information in many ways, including the district website, social media, email communication, weekly district-wide e-newsletters, hard copy newsletters, and local media.

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Sarah Swan
Community Relations Specialist
937-433-8841, Ext. 2005


District & School Communications

Sharing information helps us build trust with our community, measure our impact, celebrate successes and learn from our challenges. There are a number of ways you can stay informed!


Centerville City Schools uses ParentSquare for district and school communication. ParentSquare automatically generates an account for each parent/guardian, using the email address and phone number on file in our student information system.


Updating Your Contact Information

Please review your contact information at the start of each school year when you update your child's Student Registration Forms. If your email address or phone number changes during the school year, please contact your child's school office or follow these instructions to update your contact information:

  1. Log into the Home Access Center.
  2. Click on the Registration icon.
  3. Scroll down to Contacts and click on the Edit button on the right side of the page.
  4. Save your changes in HAC. They will automatically update in ParentSquare overnight.

Note: You will only have access to edit your own contact information. Any other parents/guardians will have to log into their own account to edit information.

District/School Newsletters

Parents/guardians of Centerville students will automatically receive a weekly e-newsletter from the district, as well as electronic messages from your child's school and/or teachers.

Emergency Alerts

ParentSquare allows us to contact our school community within minutes. These time-sensitive messages, such as school closures, are sent via email, phone, text and/or app notifications.

Community Members

Members of the Centerville-Washington Township community are invited to join a variety of community groups on ParentSquare to receive information about district activities. Use the link below to see what groups are available.



Here are some of the district's recent posts from ParentSquare:

Image of Accent on Your Schools newsletter logo

Accent, a school newsletter mailed to the residents of Centerville-Washington Township, is published throughout year. Use the link below to view an electronic copy of the most recent newsletter.


Follow us on Social Media

Did you know you can find Centerville City Schools on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube and Centerville Athletics on Twitter? Be sure to follow us for positive stories about the district!

Did You Know?

Throughout the year, Centerville Schools share #WednesdayWisdom facts about a variety of topics with the community.

Image of Did You Know graphic about school counselors

This week, we join the American School Counselor Association in celebrating our school counselors and their contributions to students' success!

Every day, school counselors make a difference for students. In Centerville, our 20 school counselors collaborate with other staff members to provide students with academic support, college and career preparation, and social-emotional development.

Image of Did You Know graphic about 2021-22 Quality Profile

While state report cards tell part of the story, there are many other important components that make up a comprehensive, high quality educational experience for students in Centerville City Schools.

During the 2021-22 school year, we made great strides as we celebrated achievements, both large and small, and worked on improvements for many of our processes, from teaching strategies to communication.

Check out our 2021-22 Quality Profile to view some of the highlights from academics, athletics, fine arts and more.

Image of Did You Know graphic about CHS Career Education Program

The Career Education Program is a collaborative effort between Centerville, Kettering and Oakwood High Schools that offers 19 distinct programs for juniors and seniors.

This week, CHS sophomores are learning more about these courses. Twelve are offered at CHS -- Biotechnology, Centerville Business Academy, Communication Arts/Broadcast Management, Culinary Arts & Restaurant Management, Early Childhood Education, Engineering, Environmental Science, Exercise Science, Information Technology & Software Engineering, Marketing, Mass Communications - Print/Broadcast Journalism, and Technical Theatre. Seven are offered at Fairmont -- Allied Health, Automotives, Construction, Cosmetology, Digital Design, Fire Science, and Medical Assisting.

In addition to these block classes, CHS offers career credentialing courses for Advanced Manufacturing and State Tested Nurse Aides.

Learn more:

Image of Did You Know graphic about No Place for Hate

Centerville City Schools are joining more than 1,800 other schools across the nation to be designated as "No Place for Hate." This framework encourages students, administrators and teachers to work collaboratively to develop an inclusive school community.

Each school is creating their own related activities, and students across the district will be invited to sign the No Place for Hate pledge to help make their school community a great place to learn. Based on grade level, the pledge encourages individuals to treat everyone fairly, promote respect and help foster a prejudice-free school, and believe that one person can make a difference. At our PreK-5 buildings, No Place for Hate aligns with this month's PurposeFull People focus on empathy, a trait that helps increase belonging.

Learn more about No Place for Hate:

Image of Did You Know graphic about CHS Maker Lab

During Computer Science Education Week, we are highlighting some of the technology related opportunities available to students across the district.

In the Maker Lab in Centerville High School's library, students can use coding skills to operate a variety of robots, including three Sphero BOLTs, two Cue Robots, a JIMU Astrobot, and a littleBits R2-D2 droid kit. The lab has two iPads that students can use with these items, or they can download the apps on their personal devices.

The Maker Lab is located on the west side of the library and is open during 4th and 5th lunches everyday (unless the library is being used for testing).

Image of Did You Know graphic about five-year forecast

Treasurer Laura Sauber works with the district leadership team to develop the budget each year. She explained more about this process in one of last year's #FinanceFriday videos.

The five-year forecast focuses on the district's General Fund, which is for day-to-day operations. Although the forecast shows a positive cash balance through at least Fiscal Year 2026, expenses will begin to exceed revenue during the current school year.

The most recent approved five-year forecast, as well as accompanying information (called assumptions), is always available on the district website.

Image of Did You Know graphic about math training

Eighteen additional Centerville teachers teachers recently completed their first Add+VantageMR (AVMR) course sponsored by Math Recovery. 

This course focused on learning whole number topics and how these foundational skills affect student development for future mathematical understanding. Training was led by Carrie Schade, one of our district instructional coaches who is a certified Math Specialist and certified AVMR trainer with Math Recovery.

During the four-day training, teachers learned to design, implement and analyze math instruction based on student actions and explanations. Teachers left the course ready to apply their knowledge of math developmental learning progressions and implement their new knowledge to meet the needs of their students and positively impact student growth. Many of these teachers will continue their learning during the second AVMR course that will be held in November and December. 

To date, more than 70 elementary certified teachers have received AVMR training, including classroom teachers, intervention specialists, gifted intervention specialists, literacy specialists, math support teachers, principals and special education coordinators. Opportunities to participate in this learning will continue each year.

Image of Did You Know graphic with information about School Psychology Awareness Week

During School Psychology Awareness Week, we are shining light on how school psychologists support our PreK-12 schools.

In Centerville, our seven school psychologists provide direct support and interventions to students; consult with teachers, families, and school counselors to improve support strategies; work with administrators to improve school-wide practices and policies; and collaborate with community providers to coordinate services.

School psychologists help students, families, educators, and members of the community understand and resolve both long-term, chronic problems and short-term issues that students may face. They understand how these issues affect learning, behavior, well-being, and school engagement.

Thank you Mrs. Coressel, Mrs. Crooms, Mr. Folck, Mrs. Kolber-Jamieson, Mrs. McDermitt, Mrs. Sarr Kerman and Mrs. Sorrell!

Image of Did You Know graphic with fact about Purple Star schools in Centerville

November is Military Family Month, a time to recognize military families for their service to our country.

Over 13,000 students in Ohio are members of military families. Frequent moves and family separations through deployments, as well as reintegration issues, can create unique challenges for these children.

We are proud that 11 of our schools have been recognized since 2020 as Purple Star schools. This award recognizes schools that show a commitment to students and families connected to our nation's military by identifying ways to support them through school transitions and with academic and social-emotional development.

Image of Did You Know graphic with fact about CHS Advanced Manufacturing program

Is your high school student a fixer, a builder, a problem solver, or someone who wants to know how things work and why?

Centerville High School partners with Sinclair Community College to offer a two-year Advanced Manufacturing program for juniors and seniors. The program is based on the Manufacturing Skills Standards Councils (MSSC) curriculum, and general topics include manufacturing safety, quality and measurement, manufacturing processes and procedures, and maintenance awareness. Students can earn certifications to be a Certified Production Technician by the MSSC, as well as college credit through Sinclair.

Former students are now working at businesses such as Rack Processing, Ram Precision, EES (Environmental Engineering Systems), First Tool, Five Axis, Hubbell and Swoosh Plumbing.

October is Manufacturing Month, making it a great time to learn about this career field and the possibilities in the Dayton region and beyond.

Image of Did You Know graphic about Fire Prevention Week

Have you ever heard your child mention Firefighter Scott?

They're referring to Scott Henry, the safety education specialist from the Washington Township Fire Department, who can be found often in our schools teaching students about fire prevention.

Since it's Fire Prevention Week, Firefighter Scott wants to remind your family of these important safety tips:

  • Don't hide, get outside.
  • In an emergency, call 911.
  • Have two ways out and a family escape plan.
  • Practice fire drills at home, just like you do at school.
  • If a door is hot, don't open it.
  • If there's smoke, stay low and go.
  • Never go back into a burning building.
  • Test your smoke alarms every month.
  • Matches and lighters are tools, not toys.
  • If your clothes catch fire, stop, drop and roll.

Finally, don't forget the Fire Department Open Houses going on every evening this week. Check out the schedule online.

Image of Did You Know graphic with fact about 2022 State Report Card

Centerville Schools met or exceeded state expectations for all five components of the 2022 Ohio School Report Cards -- Achievement, Progress, Gap Closing, Graduation and Early Literacy.

Are Centerville students growing? Yes! The Progress component measures the academic growth of individual students by looking at their current achievement compared to previous achievement on Ohio's State Tests. Centerville students exceeded growth expectations when compared to other students across the state in 2021-22.

“We are very encouraged by the learning rebounds we are seeing in our schools,” said Cherie Colopy, Centerville’s Director of Elementary Curriculum. “There is always room for improvement, but over the past year, we have seen growth in all areas.”

Colopy, along with Adam Ciarlariello, Director of Secondary Curriculum, discussed the report card components at the Board of Education meeting on Sept. 26 (view video beginning at 14:40). Centerville's report card can be accessed under the About Us menu on the district website.

Image of Did You Know graphic with fact about district credit rating

Moody's Investors Service recently affirmed Centerville Schools' credit rating at Aa1 and removed the district's negative outlook.

The Aa1 rating reflects the district's stable cash reserves due to growing property tax revenue coupled with expenditure reductions.

Moody's currently rates 311 Ohio school districts, with the majority of districts (32%) receiving an A1 credit rating. Centerville City Schools is one of only 26 school districts in the state rated by Moody's to receive an Aa1 credit rating, which is the second highest rating possible.

Image of Did You Know graphic about reading resources

Tomorrow is International Literacy Day, and September is Library Card Sign-up Month! Seems like a great time to share some resources to help you encourage your child's reading habits.

  • Read with your child. Read alouds are fun with younger children, or try reading the same book as your older child so you can discuss it.
  • Find books that reflect your child's interests. Kids are more engaged when they can explore topics they are interested in. You can even look at book titles from your child's school library on our website.
  • Our elementary and secondary librarians put together book suggestions for each grade level. The 2022 lists can be found here:
  • Check out events at the Washington-Centerville Public Library. The library offers activities for all ages, including reading clubs, tinker labs and more!

Have fun with a good book this week!

Distributing Information about Community Activities

As a service to the community, the district shares information about special events, camps, sports leagues and other activities with our families.

Information from community organizations will ONLY be distributed in electronic format through ParentSquare. All parents/guardians have access to a group where they can receive a weekly newsletter with information about community activities. These newsletters remain available in ParentSquare and are also posted to the district website (see recent ParentSquare posts on this page).

Community organizations wishing to share information with families in Centerville Schools must complete a Request to Distribute Information form at least three days prior to your requested post date.

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