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Funding for Facility Projects

Centerville Schools' facilities include 1.3 million square feet of space in 15 buildings. To finance the maintenance and modernization of these facilities, the district relies on its Permanent Improvement Fund as its primary source of funding. Additionally, the district actively seeks grant opportunities to supplement its financial resources.

Permanent Improvement Fund

The Permanent Improvement (PI) Fund is designated for addressing building repairs, renovations, maintenance, and other long-term improvements needed for school facilities. PI funds are approved through local tax levies, and the district receives an annual budget of approximately $4.5 million for these purposes.

In 2022-23, PI Funds were used for a variety of maintenance projects and safety enhancements, including classroom furniture, carpet, concrete and paving, music stands, all-weather boxes to house AEDs at our stadiums, and more.

Here are highlights from some recent projects that were paid for with PI funds:

Image of construction at Cline Elementary playground

Cline Elementary playground equipment

Upgrades are being made to each PreK-5 playground as funding allows. School PTOs have also contributed to these projects. Cline's new playground equipment is being installed in the fall of 2023.

Image of Watts Middle School gym

Gym floor refinishing

The gym at Watts Middle School was painted, the skylight was repaired and ductwork was replaced. All gym floors across the district were refinished -- this is done annually at Centerville High School and every two years in all other schools.

Image of cones and flags on top of Driscoll Elementary's roof

Roof replacements

Driscoll Elementary's roof was 30 years old and the roof at the Transportation Center was 25 years old. Their replacement was identified as a need during the district’s facility assessment, and both are being installed during the summer of 2023.

Image of contractors power washing bleachers at Centerville High School Stadium

Power washing and sealing at CHS Stadium

Contractors are power washing and sealing the Centerville High School Stadium this summer. Thousands of spectators use the stadium each year for sporting events, band performances, and community activities, and this project will help extend the life of the facility and protect equipment that is stored under the stadium.

Image of school bus stopped in neighborhood with red lights flashing

Purchase of new school buses

Seven school buses were purchased in December 2022. Replacing a few buses each year allows the district to upgrade the entire fleet approximately every 16-17 years rather than all at once.

Image of Reddy Electric contractors beginning work on power line at CHS

CHS power line replacement

The 50-year-old underground power cable that runs from Centerville High School to the stadium was replaced after multiple power outages. Work also included installing a conduit for the power line and two conduits for fiber cable for future needs at the stadium.

Grant Funding

Over the last three years, the district has utilized COVID relief grants to cover operational expenses such as technology purchases, cleaning supplies and equipment, and personal protective gear. Other grant funding is sought by the district as frequently as possible to supplement its financial resources.

Here are some recent projects that were paid for primarily with grant funding:

Image of new HVAC units sitting on semi outside of Primary Village North

New HVAC units at Primary Village North

Replacement of these units, which were installed in 1990, was identified as a need during the district’s facility assessment. The project will be funded primarily using ESSER grant money, with the remaining balance covered by the district’s Permanent Improvement Fund. The new units will be installed in the fall of 2023.

Image of two electricians working on wiring near outside doors at Driscoll Elementary

Security enhancements for exterior doors

During the summer of 2023, exterior doors and access controls are being upgraded/installed based on recommendations by the FBI and school resource officers as part of vulnerability assessments. $843,693 of the cost will be covered by Ohio Safety and Security grant funding, with the remaining balance covered by the district’s Permanent Improvement Fund.

Image of security camera installed at elementary school

Radios and security cameras purchased

Additional radios and security camera hardware and installation were purchased with funds from the Ohio Attorney General school safety grant. Local law enforcement personnel will have access to cameras if there is an emergency situation.

Image of Mr. Cowgill trying out the Raptor Visitor Management System at Cline Elementary

Raptor Visitor Management System at all schools

A $42,000 grant awarded by the Ohio Attorney General was used to install the Raptor Visitor Management System in all school buildings. This system compares visitor identification to a database that contains registered sex offenders from 50 states as well as local flags placed into Raptor by our district.