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Centerville Education Foundation

Visit the CEF WebsiteThe Centerville Education Foundation is a tax-exempt, non-profit organization founded in 1983 to enrich the education program in the Centerville City Schools. As its name suggests, the Foundation is devoted exclusively to education enhancement with its primary responsibility being to gain support from individuals, corporations, businesses and foundations and distribute funds through a grant program for the benefit of students, faculty and staff.

To support its grant objectives, the Foundation conducts fund-raising programs. All proceeds are used to enhance education in Centerville City Schools.

At the outset, it is recognized Centerville Schools provide quality education and already have a significant advantage - an outstanding faculty and administration, talented students, comprehensive curriculum and nationally-rated quality schools at all levels. The Foundation's program is focused on keeping the advantage not only for Centerville students but also the advantage that quality educational systems provide the greater Dayton area.

The work of the Foundation is administered by a board of trustees, all members of the community and all volunteers. The trustees work closely with the Board of Education and the superintendent. The articles of incorporation and the Foundation's bylaws guide the administration of the Foundation, a non-profit entity.

Visit the Centerville Education Foundation website

Foundation Accomplishments

  • Fund in-service enrichment programs for teachers in every building and in each unit of Centerville High School.
  • Create a Foundation Fund for innovative and creative classroom projects.
  • Publish a newsletter and an annual report to inform and create awareness of the foundation in the community.
  • Conduct annual Educational Hall of Fame dinners to recognize achievement by students, meritorious service by faculty and staff, and contributions of education advocates.
  • Establish an Endowment Fund to insure future income for the Foundation.
  • Publish a Centerville High School Alumni directory.
  • Purchase a computer for the high school Science Department to help develop teaching materials.
  • Support the Artist in Residence program which brought the Shakespeare and the Bing Davis Residence projects to our schools.
  • Help with the renovation of the Grant Life Nature Center to ensure the continuation of the program.
  • Establish an Alumni Fund to receive contributions for the Foundation.

Foundation Members

Dana Mark Bales
John Carroll
Marion Delatore
Tal Gaither
David Garel
John Glueckert
Rajeev Goel
Thomas Henderson
Toni Lehman
Jen Lokai
Phil Meilinger
Cindy Stafford
Doug Trout


Foundation News

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Centerville Education Foundation to generate and distribute financial and other resources for enrichment programs and projects aimed at enhancing and increasing educational opportunities for students, faculty and staff in the Centerville City Schools.

Foundation Goals

1. To serve as a non-profit community trust which is authorized to solicit and accept grants, bequests, and contributions from individuals, organizations, businesses and corporations.

2. To provide funds and resources for selected programs, ideas and projects.

3. To establish and maintain an endowment fund.

4. To recognize contributions of individuals, institutions and organizations toward advancement of education.

5. To strengthen school-community understanding and a shared interest in education.