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Position Descriptions

Academic volunteer positions vary from school to school. Here are a few examples of some of the types of volunteers we have in our buildings.

Library Volunteer

Volunteers assist with checking books in and out, shelving books and assisting students in making appropriate selection of books. (Grades K-5)

Classroom Volunteer

Volunteers assist teachers so they have additional resources to help meet each student’s learning needs. Interactions may occur in a variety of circumstances (e.g. individual, small group, etc.). We endeavor to match the needs of the students and teachers with the volunteer’s skills. Classroom opportunities vary depending on the needs of the teachers. (Grades K-12)

Short-term Project Volunteer

Volunteers assist with a particular short-term academic project. (Grades K-12)

The Little Elk Café / Lunchroom

Volunteers assist the children with the lunch experience while engaging them in purposeful conversation. (PVN and PVS, Grade 1 only, Driscoll)

Nature Volunteer

Volunteers assist the Nature teacher in leading children outdoors and fostering a love of nature. If you love the outdoors, this class is a lot of fun! (PVN)

Art Room Volunteer

Volunteers assist the Art teacher during art class -- no artistic ability required. (PVN, PVS, Driscoll, John Hole, Normandy, Stingley, Weller and Watts)

Math Pentathlon

Volunteers help students with enriched math concepts and problem solving through strategic games. Math Pentathlon training will be provided. (PVN, PVS, Cline, Driscoll, John Hole, Normandy and Stingley)


Volunteers will assist students with fine motor development related to letter formation. Handwriting training will be provided. (PVN, PVS, John Hole and Stingley)

Junior Achievement Volunteer

Volunteers share workplace experiences or participate in classroom discussions relating to economics (such as money management skills). You may be asked to lead units, designated by Junior Achievement, for which training is provided. This is a short-term volunteer opportunity. (PVS, Cline, Driscoll and Weller)


Volunteers give presentations on various artists in a classroom once a month. Artist information and sample activities are provided. An art background is not necessary, just an interest in art. (Cline and John Hole)

Achievement Club (after school program)

Volunteers build relationships with students by: listening to the students read and/or reading to the student, playing math games, helping with homework/skill building, participating in monthly field trips in the Miami Valley, engaging the students in their particular areas of interests. Program meets weekly at Cline Elementary on Wednesdays from 2:30-4 p.m. (Grades 2-5)

Book Room Volunteer

Volunteers assist literacy specialist with re-shelving and organizing books in the book room. (Cline and Stingley)

Noon Hour Academic Helper

Volunteers assist students with homework assignments, incomplete work, test review and/or organizational skills in one or a variety of subjects. Volunteers are needed between noon and 1:30 p.m. or a portion of that time. (Middle Schools)

Noon Hour Recess Volunteer

Volunteers would provide an additional adult presence to engage and interact with students during lunch and recess. This volunteer experience may be outdoors or indoors depending on weather. Volunteers are needed 1-5 days a week. (Cline, Magsig, Driscoll)

Reset Room Volunteers

Reset room volunteers help students who need support with sensory breaks at set ties of the day. As sensory break is a time for a child to gain the sensory input he/she needs in their bodies to stay alert, on task, and focused (activities such as jumping jacks, pushing a heavy object, bouncing on an exercise ball, listening to music, stretching, etc.) (Stingley)

Learning Center Volunteer

Assist the Learning Center staff and students. The Learning Center is a self-contained classroom for students with educational needs. (Magsig)

Band, Chorus Rehearsal, Piano Accompanist, Orchestra Volunteer

Volunteers with and without musical experience are needed to assist students. (Middle Schools)

Peer Tutor Supervision

Volunteers help supervise National Honor Society peer tutors over 4th and 5th period lunches. (CHS)

Subject Tutor

Volunteers help a student who is struggling in a particular subject area during the student’s study hall and/or free period. These opportunities typically become available throughout the school year. (CHS)

Chess Club Volunteer

Volunteers teach students how to play and improve their game of chess during the noon hour. (Normandy and Magsig)