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Student Sense of Belonging & Engagement

Growth will be evident through visible improvement in students' sense of belonging and engagement in curricular and extracurricular activities.


Centerville Schools values the unique gifts and experiences of each individual. The district will provide opportunities to listen to students' perspectives of their educational experiences.

Related Efforts

  • The Equal Opportunity Schools initiative increased participation in AP programs at CHS and includes a student mentoring program.
  • Community members collaborated to provide Heritage Month resources for teachers.
  • Grant money from the Heren Foundation assisted elementary staff in purchasing picture books with diverse representation. Building teams researched and selected books that best met their building needs with the purpose of increasing representation of all students' ethnicities and cultural backgrounds.
  • Centerville Schools joined more than 1,800 other schools across the nation to be designated as "No Place for Hate." This framework encourages students, administrators, and teachers to work collaboratively to develop an inclusive school community.
  • More than 80 clubs are offered at Centerville High School, helping students build connections based on their academic and social interests.
Image of students talking at 2020 AP Fair