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Recruitment & Retention of Diverse Staff

Growth will be evident through visible improvement in the recruitment and retention of diverse staff.


Centerville Schools will be intentional about diverse representation across all areas of the organization, including staff and family committees.

Members of the DEI team will be involved in recruitment fairs and in the selection and hiring process. The district will continue to develop and enhance an interest in the teaching profession through mentoring programs with local universities. The DEI team will also maintain a forum of collaboration for underrepresented staff.

Image of intervention specialist working with two students in a classroom

Task Force Members

Eighteen administrators, teachers, and support staff members from across the district participate on this task force. The group is led by DEI Core Team Members Cedric Tolbert and Georgeanna Wright.

Related Efforts

  • The Diverse Staff Alliance was formed to create a safe space for underrepresented staff.
  • Annual surveys evaluate school climate for all staff.
  • Two grants supported efforts to diversify our staff, which included mentoring students of color in the education programs at Wright State University, Central State University and the University of Dayton.
  • Fourteen college students from underrepresented racial and ethnic populations who are working toward teaching degrees were matched with mentors from Centerville Schools during the 2022-23 school year.
  • Staff participation in recruitment fairs increased, and the DEI team collaborated to create a recruitment flyer.
  • To help with recruiting diverse candidates, the district is a participating member of the Diversity Recruitment Education Association for Miami Valley (DREAM) with the goal of attracting a diverse staff that is representative of our student population and our increasingly diverse world.
  • The district employs a Mentor Committee that facilitates the state-mandated Resident Educator Program. This is a four-year, comprehensive mentoring program for all new teachers that provides support, guidance and resources for staff new to the district.