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Centerville City Schools upgrades district-wide phone system
Centerville City Schools upgrades district-wide phone system

Reliable, modern communication system supports district operations

Centerville City Schools have improved communication by upgrading the phone system throughout the district.

According to Shannon Morgan, the district's technology director, the school district was experiencing connectivity issues with its service provider and a failing legacy phone/voicemail system. When combined, these two problems resulted in periods of unreliable communication with the public throughout the school year.

"We were no longer able to patch this aging system, so we have literally designed a new system from the ground up," Morgan said, adding that cabling from the phone service provider will now be underground, which will eliminate exposure that made the prior cabling vulnerable to weather and rodents.

"We also have centralized the new phone system so it will operate using our data network to reduce costs over time," Morgan said. "Overall, we will have a much more reliable and modern communication system to support the operation of the district."

The district contracted with Spectrum for phone service and Mitel for equipment, and installation was recently completed. The new phones and voicemail are now operational, and contact numbers remain the same. A list of contact numbers for each school is available at www.centerville.k12.oh.us/about-us/contact-us.

Centerville City Schools serve nearly 8,400 students in Centerville and Washington Township in southwest Ohio, offering a variety of educational programs to a diverse student population. The district operates 13 school buildings, as well as two preschools and a bus facility accommodating and servicing 120 buses that also transports daily to 15 public and 15 non-public schools. Visit www.centerville.k12.oh.us for more information