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Magsig students record podcasts

Seventh graders learn about podcasts, record their own "2020 Year in Review"

Seventh graders in Mrs. Crasto’s English language arts class at Magsig Middle School recently created their own podcasts!

First, the class discussed what they already knew about podcasts, then listened to two examples. Next, they reviewed what makes a good podcast before writing their own “2020 Year in Review” podcast script. Finally, the students learned how to use Anchor, recorded their podcast with the app, and then posted it to their Google Classroom for their classmates to hear.

One student said, "I really enjoyed this project because it made me step outside of my comfort zone. I normally would not make a podcast review of 2020, so when it was assigned to me and I had to, I was nervous at first but ended up enjoying it. I also enjoyed writing the script and thinking about the writing tips and how I could appeal to my audience."

"I liked this project," another student agreed. "It was different from the things we normally do and pushed me out of my comfort zone a little doing a podcast and using a program I’ve never used before. Overall it was a good experience and good practice for the future."

Mrs. Crasto said she was really proud of the seventh grade students for fearlessly sharing their perspectives about a year like no other on a brand new platform.