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Centerville Education Foundation awards more than $9,000 in grants

Centerville Education Foundation awards more than $9,000 through 11 grants to teachers

The Centerville Education Foundation recently awarded 11 grants to teachers and educational coaches in Centerville City Schools. More than $9,000 will be used by these staff members for classroom and district-wide projects in the coming months. Recipients include:

  • Carrie Schade, district math instructional coach, Megan LeMaster, district English Language Learner coach, and Emily Foust, district literacy instructional coach, "Family Game Night"
  • Amy Ott, Mindy Cline and Mary Akenbauer, Primary Village North, and Megan LeMaster, district English Language Learner coach, "Cultural Awareness for Centerville’s Youngest Learners"
  • Katy Barker, Cline Elementary, and Rebecca O’Neil, Normandy Elementary, "Safe, Social and Sensory Fun Blacktop Makeover"
  • Sue Kimbrell, Taylor Absher, Joe Forbes and Anna Randolph, John Hole Elementary, "Nearpod - An Interactive Way to Engage All Learners"
  • Moira Dressel and Sarah Monvillers, Stingley Elementary, "Playground and Indoor Movement Paths"
  • Eric Purnhagen, Stingley Elementary, "Pondering Pellets"
  • Caroline Brown, Stingley Elementary, "Read Alouds in the Remote World"
  • Judith Hensley and Stacy Riste, Watts Middle School, "Sensory Room"
  • Alice Tavani, Watts Middle School, "Class Act with Glass"
  • Brittany Lewis and Daryl Shelton, Centerville High School, "Vocation Tasks for Diverse Learners with Varying Abilities"
  • Matthew Hess, Centerville High School, "Using a Graphics Tablet to Annotate in Chemistry Class"

Funds to support these teacher grants were donated by generous community members, parents, students and Centerville alumni.

"The surprising fact is that in the midst of a pandemic, teachers need more supplies than ever before," said Rajeev Goel, a member of the Centerville Education Foundation’s Board of Trustees. "To minimize spread, each student needs their own personal copy of every book, every dissection blade and every paintbrush. CEF is proud to help our teachers keep the quality of a Centerville education as high as it’s ever been."

Grants applications were reviewed by a committee of teachers and Centerville Education Foundation members earlier this month, and recipients were recognized at the Centerville Board of Education meeting on Jan. 25.

The Centerville Education Foundation is a tax-exempt, non-profit organization founded in 1983 to enrich the education program in the Centerville City Schools. As its name suggests, the Foundation is devoted exclusively to education enhancement with its primary responsibility being to gain support from individuals, corporations, businesses and foundations and distribute funds through a grant program for the benefit of students, faculty and staff. To support its grant objectives, the Foundation conducts fund-raising programs. All proceeds are used to enhance education in Centerville City Schools. Visit http://centervilleeducation.org/ for more information.

Centerville High School is part of Centerville City Schools, which serve about 8,000 students in Centerville and Washington Township in southwest Ohio, offering a variety of educational programs to a diverse student population. The district operates 13 school buildings, as well as two preschools and a bus facility accommodating and servicing more than 120 buses that also transports daily to 15 public and 20 non-public schools. Visit www.centerville.k12.oh.us for more information.