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Bus Riding Policies

Image of school bus

Centerville City Schools will transport about 8,200 students to 14 public and 15 non-public schools, and our buses will travel more than 1.6 million miles this year. Safety remains our top priority, and the Ohio Revised Code (3313.014) gives schools broad discretionary authority to set and enforce safety rules and precautions.

In order for us to be successful, we need you and your child to read and understand our policies. Please know that the school bus and driver are both an extension of the school and its teachers and principal. We expect the same conduct and courtesies on the bus that are practiced in school.

The basic responsibilities for your child riding the bus are:

  • For reasons of safety, your child must be at their stop 5 MINUTES early. Do not run to the bus, this is dangerous!
  • Again, 5 minutes early! Don't make the bus and the students on board wait for you; this keeps us from tying up traffic and to stay on schedule.
  • Enter and leave the bus in an orderly fashion, using the handrail to prevent slips and falls.
  • Ride your assigned bus. If there are any changes or emergencies, please go to the Transportation section of the Forms & Documents page. Select the correct form and fill it out completely and legibly. You may then return the change to your student(s) school of attendance in a timely manner.
  • Listen to the instructions of your driver. Besides getting to know you, their job is to get you to and from school on time and safely.
  • For reasons of safety, your child must sit down and stay seated while the bus is moving.
  • ATTENTION MOM, DAD OR GUARDIAN OF CHILDREN IN PRESCHOOL THROUGH FIRST GRADE: When we bring your child home, YOU must be at the stop! We care about your children, and we will not let them off the bus if you aren't there. We will return your child to their school, and you will need to pick them up.


The following actions are not permitted on the bus for reasons of safety:

  • Putting arms, head or legs out of the window.
  • No teasing, bullying, put downs or foul language.
  • Throwing anything from the bus.
  • Destruction of seats, etc.
  • Eating, drinking, smoking or using any form of tobacco.
  • Striking, pushing or otherwise abusing another student.
  • Yelling or any disruptive actions.
  • No weapons, firearms or anything that resembles one.
  • No headsets, iPods or cell phones, especially when getting on or off the bus! You risk not seeing your driver's instructions to unload or cross you safely!


For reasons of safety, the following items are not permitted on the bus:

  • Skateboards, scooters, rollerblades, glass, balloons or balls of any kind.
  • No hockey sticks, baseball bats, golf clubs or lacrosse sticks that are not in a sport bag.
  • No animals or small creatures such as insects, snakes or dangerous materials.
  • No school projects that cannot be held on a students lap.


You may bring the following:

  • Lap material or carry-on items that do not have sharp edges.
  • Musical instruments if there is room and your child can carry it on and off.
  • And of course your smiling face! :)