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Transportation Frequently Asked Questions

What can my child bring on the bus with them?

Please see our bus riding policies page.

Why does my child have to be at their stop 5 minutes early?

When we approach the stop, your child's driver is counting the number of children who might be at that stop. He or she will make sure the same number of children get on the bus to ensure no one has slipped, fallen or dropped something into what we call the "danger zone" where they cannot be seen. 

This is especially important in the winter months. It's dark out and there may be snow or ice that the children could slip on.

If my child is sick or not riding in the a.m. do I need to call transportation?

No, you do not have to call us! We ask our drivers to stop at each address as this will keep them on schedule for the next stop.

If your child rides a Special Needs bus, then yes we do appreciate the call.

How do your drivers know where to pick up our children?

We use a state-of-the-art routing software. Each driver carries on their bus two, and maybe three, different routes printed on paper. These are for our a.m., midday and p.m. routes. They include turn for turn and stop for stop information for the driver.

Your child's regular driver soon commits this and your child's name and stop to memory.

When we use a sub, they simply refer to the route sheet and follow it. However, they are nowhere near as familiar with addresses, etc. as your regular driver and will probably run behind schedule.

How safe is the school bus to ride?

The school bus is 26.4 times safer than all other modes of travel in Ohio. This is based upon the last five year average of accident information gathered by the State of Ohio.

Do I need to call transportation if my child is riding a different bus?

No, just visit our forms link and select the Temporary Change form.

Fill it out completely and legibly, then fax a copy to us at (937) 885-7988, as well as to your child's school.

Please, no notes on any type of scrap paper.

Can I just give a note to the bus driver?

We feel the best thing to do is use the temporary change form referred to earlier.

Many children forget to present the note until they are leaving school.

As you can imagine, with 8,000 children this creates a very confusing few moments, especially for younger children and their teachers.

What should I do if I move or change my contact info?

Please call or fax us with ANY change as this is vital for emergencies or bus routing!

What if I see a Centerville bus operating unsafely?

First of all, we believe we have one of the most thoughtful and professional group of drivers a school district could have! However, if you feel you witnessed an unsafe act, please get the bus number and give us a call with the details.

Also, feel free to call us with any compliments you have, and we will pass them along to the driver!

Why do you use substitute drivers?

Just as any other profession, we have drivers who get sick, or they have a sick child at home, a dental appointment, etc. With that in mind, we will use a sub to run your child's route. These are very professional people; however, they have no way of knowing everything your regular driver does. We will be there, and we will get your children picked up and dropped off safely, but we will probably run a little behind schedule.

What does a school delay mean to my child and me?

If we have a scheduled two-hour delay or the superintendent determines the weather is bad enough for a delay, morning pick-up time for bus riders will be two hours later than the normal schedule.

Delayed start times for schools will be:

- Full-day kindergarten (special needs students) – 10:10 a.m.
- AM preschool and kindergarten – 10:10-11:40 a.m.*
- PM preschool and kindergarten – 1-2:35 p.m.**
- PVN and PVS 1st grades – 10 a.m.
- Elementary schools (grades 2-5) – 10 a.m.
- Middle schools (grades 6-8) – 10:50 a.m.
- High school – 9:50 a.m.

* Dismissal time will be 11:40 for AM preschool and kindergarten.
** Start of PM preschool and kindergarten will be delayed 1 hour.

End-of-day dismissal times will not change.