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Mrs. Rodney's Class Newsletter

Hello and welcome to Room 16!!  We will be having a lot of fun this year as we learn and grow together. This website will provide you a window into our classroom and will, I hope, give you insight into your child's school day. Enjoy watching your second grader grow, change, and learn! Make sure to check back as this will be updated throughout the month.

Please contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns that you may have. You can reach me at school via phone (434-0725) or e-mail (

November 2010

    I can't believe that first quarter, first report cards, and the first round of parent-teacher conferences are already behind us!  Where has the time gone?? 

    This month will again be full of inquiry and exploration!  We will finish up our study of animals, plants, and habitats by building stream and woodland habitat models.  The students are so excited!  Watch for news on bringing supplies to come your way soon!

    Throughout our study of animals, plants and habitats we have continuously thought about the basic needs that are important to all living things.  To that end, we will begin to think about how people meet their needs NOW in comparison to how people met their needs long ago, or back THEN. This will introduce our study of the comparisons of daily life from THEN to NOW.

    Our field trip to Carillon Park will introduce this in a very hands-on, fun way!  Be looking for the permission slip to go home soon, as our trip is on the 15th....the Monday after a long weekend!  Be sure to dress for the weather and bring a sack lunch!

    Throughout the latter half of the month we will be exploring daily life and how it has changed via four over-arching topics: communication, transportation, jobs, and land use.  Your student will be learning about how we use the land and natural resources around us to sustain us and how that has changed over the years.  They will also learn how modes of communication and transportation have changed, along with jobs that people performed.  We will cap off this study by thinking about why people live where they do (drawing connections between why animals and plants live where they do!) by thinking about and filling in a chart titled:  "A Job, A Place, A Product".  This will focus your child's thinking around the idea that people live  in a certain place, so that they can do a certain job, in order to produce a specific prodcuct.  Whew!  My brain is whirring!  Be sure to ask your child what they're learning as the month comes to a close!

    Don't Forget: No School 11/24-11/26: Happy Thanksgiving!!!

October 2010

September 2010