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Watts - Cast & Crew Invite You to...

Monday, March 5, 2012
 Watts - Cast & Crew Invite You to...

It’s a race for the prize…it’s the school play that Watts students will be presenting on Thursday, March 15th and Friday, March 16th. The play is called Run for the Money and you won’t want to miss it!!

The heirs of Fosdick Floogie are a greedy, graspy gang of no-goods. But old Fosdick, now deceased, outsmarts them all. In his will he orders that his executor, Carstairs, should only provide clues telling each of his heirs how they may find their treasure. Immediately the search becomes a hilarious free-for-all race. Every greedy heir is out to get his and more! The chaos brings on Sheriff Bullmizer, his deputies and a bookie's hitman, Knuckles Dundee into the mansion. Your audience, too, will be caught up in the chase as they realize that each of the clues is a zany mini-mystery itself. Little do they, or the heirs, suspect that the fabulous inheritances are unusual things instead of cash. Superb action comedy with oddball characters.

Students and staff members have been working very hard on this production and would love to see you there. You won’t want to miss it, either. We guarantee that you will have several laughs. Tickets will go on sale beginning Thursday, March 8th and will be available for purchase at Family Night. Prices of tickets are $2 for student tickets, $4 for general seating and $5 for reserved seats.

The cast and crew of "Run For The Money"

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