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Office of the Superintendent

Dr. Tom HendersonThomas Henderson, PhD., Superintendent of Schools

A school superintendent in Ohio is the chief executive officer of the district, charged with the duty to oversee all educational and business affairs of the district. The overall responsibility for operation of the schools lies with the Centerville Board of Education, but Superintendent Thomas Henderson is the overseer of daily operations. Dr. Henderson and Assistant Superintendent Bob Yux answer to the board for all instructional and supervisory aspects of education, as well as for financial and business affairs of the district. They work closely with district Treasurer Mitch Biederman on financial matters, with building principals, and with department directors for Human Resources, Student Services, Business Operations and Information Technology.


The importance of community involvement in schools

(updated: Monday, February 6, 2017)

In today’s economically and culturally diverse society it is vitally important that educators, parents and community find clarity on each other’s role in supporting our students’ academic achievement. It’s no secret that parental involvement is an integral part of a... Read More

Embracing co-teaching in today’s classrooms

(updated: Wednesday, October 5, 2016)

Our classrooms in today’s world of public education continue to be more and more diverse, and most instructional methods and strategies are effective for a significant number of students in all classrooms and across all content areas. Many times however,... Read More

Scheduled 2-hour delays

Scheduled 2-hour delays

(updated: Friday, September 23, 2016)

The 2016-17 school calendar includes eight, scheduled, two-hour delayed start days to eliminate a full day off in September. The scheduled delays will be on Aug. 30, Sept. 15, Oct. 5, Nov. 1, Jan. 13, Feb. 1, March 7 and... Read More