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THMS Choral Newsletter

Welcome to the Tower Heights Choral Newsletter.  My name is Mrs. Hatfield and I direct all the choral groups at THMS.  My hope is to use this site as a way to share information related to Tower Heights, the music happenings in our building and district, and other information pertaining to the choruses at THMS.  The easiest way to contact me is through email (click here to drop me a message), or you can call THMS at (937)434-0383.

Choral News

HAPPY 2012!

As we ring in the New Year, all chorus students are winding down from the winter concerts with a singing assessment from the concert music.  This, along with their concert(s), will be graded for second quarter.  Tower Heights singers will be assessed on "Starry Winter Night", and Eighth Grade Ensemble members get to choose between "Carol of the Bells" or "The Snow Begins to Fall".


Students in all choruses are also preparing to share their talent with their fellow chorus members.  Individuals and groups will be putting on a show JUST for their classmates starting with their first full-group rehearsal in February and we will continue to do so until all students have had a chance to perform.  This is graded based on performance, preparation, and being on-task when given the opportunity to rehearse in class.  Students choosing to NOT perform will receive music theory assignments to work on and develop their music reading skills.  These graded assignments will appear as part of their third quarter grade just as the talent sharing grade will appear for the performing students.


Want to join chorus? 

Students can add chorus to their schedule!  If you are interested - see Mrs. Hatfield ASAP!


Chorus Rehearsal schedule:

Mondays: 7th grade, 12:45-1:20pm

Tuesdays: 8th grade, 12:06-12:41pm

Wednesdays: 6th and 7th grade, 12:45-1:20pm

Thursdays: 8th grade, 12:06-12:41pm

Fridays: 6th grade, 12:45-1:20pm


Welcome Back!!!

Welcome Back to School!!!

Chorus will start ASAP here at THMS so be sure to write these dates down in your academic planners:

6th Grade Chorus (Tower Heights Singers)

First rehearsal: Friday, August 26, 2011 during Lunch Two (you will go to room 303 instead of study hall).  Please be sure to let your study hall teacher know that you plan on being in chorus and they will mark it in their attendance.  This way they will know which days you will be with me and not in study hall.

Regular rehearsals are Wednedsays and Fridays during Luch Two.


7th Grade Chorus (Tower Heights Singers)

First Rehearsal: Monday, August 29, 2011 during Lunch Two. 

Regular rehearsals are Mondays and Wednesdays during Lunch Two.


8th Grade Ensemble

First Rehearsal: Tuesday, August 30, 2011 during Lunch One.  **Please bring your folder and pencils to this rehearsal because we're whipping up something special in a short amount of time and we need to sing right away! 

Regular rehearsals are Tuesdays and Thursdays during Lunch One.


Other Noteworthy Facts

Parents, please drop me an email ( so I can get our listservs remade.  We now have a different email system and I have to re-enter all the non- district employee information into my address book. 

Music polos (same uniform for band, chorus, and orchestra) will be the same as last year.  Order forms will be home soon!  If you were at THMS last year and yours still fits then you don't have to purchase a new one.  If your old shirt doesn't fit and you want to donate your shirt to the school for another student to use please send it in to Mrs. Hatfield.  (Thanks ahead of time to those of you who plan on doing this!)



Spring 2011

First of all, congratulations to all the choral groups at THMS for the wonderful performances we've had in this lovely month of May!  The evening concert on May 10th was a smashing success with our theme: "A Night in the Spotlight".  The Vocal Ensemble and Jazz Band Centerville tour was so much fun and I know the students at Stingley and Driscoll and the residents at St. Leonards loved to hear us sing for them.  I am especially proud of how professional all the performers were for our Columbus trip - we had many compliments on our performance and our behavior at the Spaghetti Warehouse and Santa Maria boat tour.  WELL DONE!


Looking ahead to next year....

Students that are currently in 8th grade can audition for the fall musical at CHS on June 2, 2011.  Audition information is in the music room or you can email for more information:


Students currently in 6th or 7th grade will be signed up for chorus again next year unless I have a note from a parent/ guardian stating otherwise.  We've had a successful year and I can't wait to continue that growth and love for music with you next year!  Students can also sign up to audition for next year's Vocal Ensemble before the end of the school year.  Auditions will come from "The Lion King" (spring concert) if you audition before the end of the year.  If you choose to audition in the fall (first week of September) audition music will be available when we return to school and it will be different music.  Please remember this is an audition group that meets BEFORE school on Tues./ Thurs. at 8:05am. 


Students that will be new to THMS next year can join chorus for the 2011-2012 school year.  Just email me (Mrs. Hatfield - with your name and grade level and I will get you signed up.  Choruses rehearse two days a week and if you are in band or orchestra we will design your schedule to make it work.  (Vocal Ensemble is open only to students who are in 7th or 8th grade who are in one of the chorus classes.  It is an audition group and you can get more information in the first week of September.)



Snow Delays

Just a reminder, if there is a two-hour delay for school then all morning activities like Vocal Ensemble are canceled. 

Happy New Year!

As we welcome in 2011, here are some interesting things that are going on with our Tower Heights Choruses...


Vocal Ensemble Auditions: Are you interested?

Auditions are open again for students in 7th and 8th grade choruses.  See Mrs. Hatfield if you would like to audition so you can get the music to practice.  The audition dates are Monday, January 10, 2011 and Monday, January 24, 2011 and the auditions will take place in the music room during your study hall on one of those dates.

Vocal Ensemble Rehearsals

Rehearsals for Vocal Ensemble start back up on Tuesday, January 25, 2010.  Please remember we meet every Tuesday and Thursday at 8:10am.  The only exception will be is if there is a snow day or delay in which case the rehearsal will be cancelled.


Winter Schedule: Slight Changes to Chorus Classes

Through February 18th the chorus classes will be split roughly in half.  This will allow us to focus on many skills on a smaller, more personal level.  We will also have time for a "Faux Talent Show" for the classes of the week of Presidents Day - this is for chorus members only who want to show off their singing skills to their classmates. 

New schedule looks like this:

Mondays: Vocal Ensemble Auditions (Jan. 10th/ 24th); Vocal Ensemble Sectionals (February)

Tuesdays: 8th grade chorus members in Families A & C (lunch one)

Wednesdays: 7th grade chorus members (lunch two)

Thursdays: 8th grade chorus memmbers in Families B & D (lunch one)

Fridays: 6th grade chorus members (lunch two)

***  Remember, this is only through President's Day and then we're back to our twice a week rehearsal schedule!


Middle School District Honors Group???

This is still in the works, but if you're in 7th and 8th grade and want information on how to audition for this group see Mrs. Hatfield.  You MUST be available on Tuesdays from 4:15-5:30pm to rehearse at Centerville High School.


November/ December 2010

November News for all Choral Groups

Our Winter Concert is fast approaching!  The choral concert is Tuesday, December 7, 2010, at 7pm, in the THMS gymnasium.  All students are to report to THMS between 6:30 and 6:40pm in concert attire (THMS Music polo shirt and black pants/ skirt).  Arriving on time and in uniform are both parts of your grade for the concert that evening.  Speaking of grades, the concert itself is worth 50 points which is the same as TEN rehearsals so please be sure to be on time for check-in, be in uniform, and of course, sing your best!


Rehearsal reminder:  All rehearsals are mandatory.  Our concert is less than a month away and we need every one at every rehearsal. 

TH Singers: Wednesday and Friday, Lunch Two

Eighth Grade Ensemble: Tuesday and Thursday, Lunch One

Vocal Ensemble: Tuesday and Thursday, 8:10-8:44am


Eighth Grade Choral Update

November reporters: Kira L. and Morgan M.

High School Concert - Our recent concert on October 21, 2010 at CHS was very fun and exciting because we got to see the high schoolers rehearse and we got to sing with them.  It was also fun because we got to see our friends and eat pizza with them - YUMM!

Coming Up - We have a Winter Concert on December 7th at 7pm for families and friends.  This concert will be at Tower Heights Middle School in the Gym.

We are working on pieces called "Santa Baby", "The Twelve Days AFTER Christmas", "Carol of the Bells", and "Candlelight, Silent Night" for our Winter Concert.

October 2010

THMS Music Shirts

All students participating in chorus, band, or orchestra are required to purchase a black THMS Music polo shirt.  These forms were due Friday, October 8, 2010.  If you are new to any of the ensembles and do not have this shirt please fill out the form and turn it in to your ensemble director ASAP. (You can email Mrs. Hatfield and she will email you a new form if you need it.)  The cost of the shirt is $15.00 - checks can be made out to Tower Heights Middle School.



Members of the Eighth Grade Ensemble will be joining their classmates from Magsig and Watts in a combined number with the CHS vocal groups on Thursday, October 21, 2010.  Dress rehearsal is from 5-6pm, dinner at CHS ($3/ student) is from 6-7pm, and the concert is at 7:30pm.  Students should arrive in concert attire (black polo shirts, and black pants/ skirts).  The performance will be at CHS's Performing Arts Center (PAC).  All friends, family, and fans are welcome to attend the performance.  See you soon!



Eighth Grade Ensemble and Vocal Ensemble NEWS

October's reporters: 


The Eighth Grade Ensemble has 24 members in the group.  We make our newsletter debut in our Black and Gold Spirit wear.  (Go Elks - Beat Wayne!)








Tower Heights Singers Update

The Tower Heights Singers has had a great start to the school year.  The group is now 54 members, and most of the singers have had their vocal assignments for the choral group.  We have started rehearsing for the Winter Concert (December 7, 2010, 7pm, THMS auditorium) - two months and counting until the big night!

Please continue to support your students in chorus by encouraging them to come to class prepared (music folder and pencil) and practicing at home.  Our rehearsals are on Wednesdays and Fridays and with the weeks to come we are out of school on a number of those Fridays.  In order for us to be successful we all must be prepared - physically having the music in our folders, taking notes when prompted by the director, and getting the material memorized.


Keep your voice HEALTHY! 

Drink lots of water and take care of your voice (by not screaming).  We all love to cheer on our favorite sports team but there's a difference between screaming and using a loud, supported tone.  The difference is if your throat hurts while you're doing it -  if your throat is sore, save your voice and stop the yelling. 


Vocal Ensemble

Auditions for Vocal Ensemble will happen early this month so we can get the ensemble rolling!  Each student who wishes to audition for the group will need to come to the practice on Thursday, September 2, 2010, at 8:10am.  We will pass out audition music, run through it, and sign-up for audition slots for September 9th and 14th.  This group is open to students in 7th or 8th grade and the students should be in one of the chorus classes to audtion for this group. (Special circumstances may apply based on noontime music class conflicts.)

Vocal Ensemble performs many times throughout the year including the two evening concerts at THMS.  Other performances may include tours with the THMS Jazz Band around Centerville and Columbus, performances at CHS with their vocal groups, and other opportunities as they arise.  For example, the Vocal Ensemble sang at the K12 Art Gallery (in Dayton) for the opening night of the Tower Heights art show in October 2009.  Chaperoning opportunity for parent volunteers will arise so if you're a Vocal Ensemble groupie and love to hear our singers we'll be in touch before each trip!

Vocal Ensemble rehearses every Tuesday and Thursday morning in the music room, 8:10-8:44am, and we will occasionally meet outside that time with prior notice given.  Students in the ensemble are required to attend every scheduled rehearsal.  If absence or tardiness is an issue then the student may be removed from the group.  Please plan morning appointments accordingly.

 Tower Heights Singers

New this year, the Tower Heights Singers is the title for the newly combined 6th and 7th grade choruses.  These groups are being merged to allow more opportunity and rehearsal time for the students in these groups.  Rehearsals will be Wednesdays and Fridays during Lunch Two (12:45-1:20pm), as voted on by the students in last year's 6th grade chorus.  If you are not signed up for this chorus and you would like to be, stop by room 303 at the start of the school year to get a form.  I will also be around the study halls in the first week of school to get interested students signed up, and there will be an information meeting as well.

The Tower Heights Singers will have two evening performances and one performance at school.  Students in this group are required to purchase music shirts to wear in performance.  These shirts are the same for all the performing groups at THMS and can be worn all three years at THMS.  Forms will be sent home in September and will soon be available on this newsletter.

Eighth Grade Ensemble

Singers in the 8th grade will have a choral group all to themselves!  We will rehearse during Lunch One (12:06-12:41pm) on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  This group will be performing at both evening performances (December and May) and both in-school concerts (December and June).  Music shirts are required for this group and shirt order forms will be send home and available here in September.

This group will be recruiting singers in the first couple of weeks to get the best talent in the 8th grade class!  I will be around to the study halls to recruit or you can stop by the music room (room 303) to get a permission slip and syllabis.  If you are already in the class and know of some singers who SHOULD be in chorus bring them in to join ASAP!