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Exercise Science 

What Do I Need To Know About Exercise Science?

How do we know there is a need for Exercise Science professionals?

Employment of fitness professional is expected to grow faster than the average
This is driven by an increase in physical fitness opportunities due to…
-individuals spending more time and money on recreation, fitness and leisure
-businesses recognizing the need for recreation, fitness and wellness programs
-America’s aging population
-rising obesity levels
-growing competition in athletics

What are some of the things I would do/learn Junior Year?

• Careers opportunities under the exercise science umbrella
• Introduction to health and wellness
• Bones, Joints, Muscles
• Working out with various equipment- BOSU, Stability ball, No equipment, Thera-bands, medicine balls etc.
• Muscles at work-types of muscle contraction, strength development etc.
• Performance enhancing substance: use and abuse
• Proper weight lifting procedures and muscles worked

What are some of the things I would do/learn Senior Year?

• Evaluation in the field of fitness
• Planning and implementing workouts with weights, BOSU ball, Stability ball, etc.
• Medical terminology
• Nutrition and healthy weight management
• Prevention, recognition, treatment and rehabilitation of athletic injuries
• In class internships at various locations: Miami Valley South, Primary Village South PE, Dixie Chiropractic, Bethany village, etc.
• Aquatic unit at recreation center- we actually get in the pool

What are some examples of projects we do?

• Showcase- similar to a science fair but work/compete in small groups against Exercise Science programs from other schools
• Muscle manual- learn specifics about 50 main muscles of the body
• Labs- taping, elastic bandaging, workouts, therapeutic modalities
• Research and present concerning: careers, alternative health care, ergogenic aids, weight machines, athletic injuries,
• 4 week training program
• Personal nutrition evaluation
• Self-collage

How will I benefit from taking Exercise Science, Sport, and Recreation Health Care Tech Prep?

Students will qualify for:
-college credit (earn up to 19 college credit hours)
-$3,000.00 scholarship
-advanced standing
-Numerous internship opportunities

What are the Possible College Credits that can be earned?

• Human Biology- Bio 1107- (4 credits) taken in the Exercise Science block during Junior year with Mr. Cary and requires an average passing grade on 5 online tests administered in class
• Intro to Healthcare Delivery -ALH 1101- (2 credits) taken throughout the junior year and consists of online course work and quizzes
• Intro to Exercise Science ENS 1116 (3 credits) receives credit for the course upon successful completion the Exercise Science program
• First Aid and CPR -ENS 1110 (2 credits) we will work with the fire department and will become certified in first aid and CPR
• Basic Athletic Training -ENS 2312 (3 credits) offered during senior year block entailing 2 tests, 2 quizzes and 2 article reviews
• Beginning Algebra -Mat 1270 (3 credits) completed senior year and entails 2 midterms and a final exam.  Students complete several practice tests to prepare properly.
• Medical Terminology -HIM 1101 (2 credits) completed senior year and entails 5 online exams

*When you graduate and complete the program these credits will be on a transcript provided by Sinclair community College*

What are some possible career areas in which I could pursue?

Phlebotomist, Radiology Aide, Nurse Aide, Dental Assistant, Medical Assistant, Personal Trainer, Home Health Aide

After Associate Degree:
LPN, Dental assist, Dental Hygienist, Dietetic Technician, Physical Therapy Assistant, Occupational Therapy Assistant, Paramedic/EMT, Pharmacy Tech, Medical Lab Tech, Surgical Tch, Sonographer/Radiographer

After Bachelor’s Degree:
Registered Nurse (BSN), Dietician, Respiratory Therapist, Speech-Language Pathologist, Audiologist, Athletic Trainer, Registered Dietician, Medical Technologist

Beyond Bachelor’s Degree:
-Dentist, Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Optometrist, Physician Assistant, Physician, Nurse Practitioner, Ophthalmologist, Veterinarian, Exercise Physiologist, Chiropractor, Pharmacist, Radiologist, Pathologist  

Possible work settings:
Health Clubs, Recreation Centers, Laboratories, Schools or Universities, Military, Sports Equipment Retailers, Private Homes, Community Outreach Programs, Cruise Ships, Police, Fire, EMS, Health Care Facilities (hospitals, extended care facilities, retirement facilities), Corporate or Community Fitness Centers

What do I have to do to Apply for the CHS “Exercise Science” Sport, and Recreation Health Care Tech Prep Program?

Fill out the application in advisory and check the Exercise Science box. Return the application to your advisor or the career education office ASAP.  After that Mrs. Whitaker will contact you through advisory to sign up for an interview time.  If you have any further questions or need more information about the program feel free to speak with Mrs. Whitaker in C260 or e-mail Mrs. Whitaker at

For more information, watch the video below.

Exercise Science