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Culinary Arts


Students in the Culinary Arts program will learn basic to advanced food preparation skills.  Inside of our student run restaurant, Café Elk, students will create menus, be involved in purchasing, preparation, and service of a variety of cuisines.  Students will gain real life experience as CHS Catering prepares meals for multiple on and off campus events throughout the year.  Our catering offers students actual business experiences when they interact with event hosts, meal / service planning, and profit and loss statement reading.  

Our curriculum has been developed by the National Restaurant Association, this allows us to stay current on all of the industry standards and practices so our students are well prepared for post secondary education or career planning.  Students have the opportunity to earn college credits and even become certified in ServSafe, a national standard in foodservice safety and sanitation.  There are many scholarship opportunities both local and nationally. 

 Culinary Arts Students

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Culinary Arts