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Communication Arts and Broadcast Management


Communication Arts is one of the many amazing block programs at CHS. For two years, the students get to run a real FM radio station but there is lots more to it than that!.

The program focuses on four key objectives:

  • Providing the necessary the foundation of information about the communications and broadcasting industry
  • Creating opportunities for extensive hands-on experience through station operations and projects
  • Building community involvement by running remote broadcasts, meeting with and soliciting support for the station and airing community oriented programs, such as Elks Varsity football
  • Building a strong, high performing team that lets seniors manage the station, train their replacements and everyone gets to participate in field trips and special events, such as Rave4Radio.

Running a radio station is complicated and the program provides the necessary understanding of the critical areas that must be mastered. These include the FCC regulations that govern broadcasting, the underlying technologies used by the media, and the legal frameworks such as copyright, music licensing and the applicable provisions of the First Amendment. These are brought together as students create their own programs that must comply with these regulations, and the same foundation is provided for other types of media, such as television, photography and internet publications.

The information that the students learn is reinforced through ongoing hands-on projects and opportunities. They get to prerecord and edit interviews and shows, upload and program music, write interview scripts and PSAs, take photograph, record video and maintain an internet website. Just this year, a whole new hands-on opportunity was developed with Wright Station University. CA students record and edit all half time interviews that are part of the Raiders’ commercial syndication network broadcasts and this has opened the door for a WSU scholarship.

WCWT-FM serves the community within CHS as the Voice of the Elks as well as the broader community within Centerville and Washington Township. This involvement starts with its Advisory Board, which includes well known broadcasters and professionals from the Dayton area, some of whom are graduates of the program, such as B-Man (John Beaulieu) of WTUE and Jack Pohl of WDTN. Local businesses are also an essential part of WCWT, providing sponsorships for ongoing programs and special events such as DriveOne4URSchool and the HaveHart campaign for Dock 8, a crippling genetic disorder

Over the program’s two years, individuals arriving as Juniors become part of the WCWT team, a family. This team is now nationally recognized having competed and placed in the John Drury and Columbia University School of Journalism Awards, as well taking first place honors at the Regional SCC Tech Prep Consortium Competition. Our students’ outstanding entries won by demonstrating how their work in the program is clearly aligned the communications skills that are needed in the real world. In fact, students keep finding new and inventive ways to reinforce and strengthen the team and their personal connections that will last long after graduation. For example, there is an Annual Thanksgiving football game involving current and former students.

The Communications Art program is a chance to learn, a chance to grow, a chance to become part of a team, the WCWT-FM team that is the Voice of the Elks.

For more information, watch the video below.

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