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Student Enrollment Center


In June 2014 the Centerville Schools opened a Student Enrollment Center, allowing families to register all their school-age children at a single location, located in the District Board of Education Office at 111 Virginia Avenue.  First, a parent/guardian should call 937-433-8841 to set an appointment; and then stop by any Centerville school or use the necessary forms (on the right) and paperwork.  All paperwork is then taken to the Enrollment Center.


Registration Packet

Click here to download the enrollment checklist and associated forms.

Besides the necessary forms, you will also need to bring the following to registration: official birth certificate or passport, copy of current immunizations, proof of residency (lease agreement, mortgage papers, property tax bill or copy of deed), custody or shared parenting papers if applicable (official court document) and a copy of your driver’s license. You do not need to bring your child with you to registration.  We look forward to working with your family! 


Kindergartner Registration


Kindergarten and 1st Grade Registration
As a parent of a prospective kindergartner or first grader, we welcome you to Centerville City Schools for the 2015-2016 school year. If your child will turn 5 before September 30, 2015, you are invited to register your child for kindergarten. Registration for all kg and 1st grade students will be scheduled by appointment through our Centerville City Schools Board of Education Office.
Please call 937-433-8841 to schedule an appointment.
The Board of Education Office, which houses all administrative offices is located behind Cline Elementary School
111 Virginia Ave
Centerville, OH 45458
Phone: (937)-433-8841
Fax: 438-6057

All of the following items must be presented/completed at the time of registration.
1. Driver’s license or state issued photo identification of individual enrolling student
2. Student’s certified birth certificate, passport, baptism record or hospital record
3. Completed Student Enrollment Form including Attachments A-D
4. Proof of Residency
• Mortgage papers, property tax bill, copy of deed, or documentation from the Montgomery County Auditors website (
• Current signed lease with landlord’s name, address and telephone number
• House under construction or purchase agreement
• Residency Affidavit (if living with another person or subleasing)
5. Proof of Custody


Complete copy of custody papers in cases of legal separation or divorce, the parent who is enrolling the student must present a court ordered custody agreement which indicates the parent enrolling the student is the custodial parent.

Complete copy of court order in the event of a student being court placed with a non-parent (foster placement, relative placement, etc.)

At registration, you will be given the opportunity to choose a time to bring your child in for kindergarten screening. The Kindergarten screening will be held July 28th through July 30th for PVS.  First grade screening will be held on Monday August 3rd for PVS. PVN will hold their Kindergarten and First grade screening on July 28th and 29th.  Bring your calendar so that you can choose a time that best meets your schedule. We look forward to working with your family.


Federal Court Instructs Ohio Districts to Post Information for Parents Concerning Data Release

Monday, August 25, 2014

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